Rachael Turner


Rachel Turner is the chair of the College Connection.

The COLLEGE CONNECTION provides services to participants from their freshman year in college to completion
of a Baccalaureate degree. Students receive scholarships, semester care packages, seminars, internships, professional guidance, summer and winter soirees, mentorship, and a monthly support call. To date, D2F has assisted more than 600 girls to become first-generation college graduates and has awarded over $52K in scholarships.

The YWPL’s goal is to continue this legacy while adding innovative strategies, events, and activities to foster engagement and provide support.


MSc in Chemistry

Bachelor in Development Studies, 2014

Oxford University
London, UK

MS in Development Studies, 2016

Oxford University
London, UK

Achivements & Awards

Best Award

Volunteer Program 2013

Oxford University
London, UK

Best Social Worker 2014

United Nations World’s Social Award